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At Makuhari Messe
Nov. 14, Wed: 10AM - 5:30PM;
Nov. 15, Thu: 10AM - 5:30PM;
Nov. 16, Fri: 10AM - 5PM

What is Digital Content Expo (DCEXPO)?

Content technology has been the driving force of the growth of the content industry, bringing about more efficient production or richer expression of content.

DCEXPO spotlights such most recent examples of new content technology as have just released for exhibition or demonstration after research and development by institutions, intrapreneurs, etc. Those examples of new technology will stimulate our imagination for the future as they might possibly create new content business areas or new methods of expression even though no concrete plans for application or commercialization have been set yet.

DCEXPO is an international event consisting of exhibition, symposiums, seminars, stage events, etc. on the subject of the most recent digital content technology which is the result of research in cognitive science and expressive science pertaining to not only sight and sound but also touch and smell. Both visitors and exhibitors at DCEXPO will be able to sense the future achieved by content technology.

Aiming at Innovation

DCEXPO is also a place for creators and new product developers to meet the most recent content technology.

As consumers’ needs are being diversified and sophisticated due to maturation of society and diminishing population, content business also needs innovation for product differentiation and high added value. Innovation utilizing the most recent content technology will bring new business areas and new customers to content-related companies.

Growth of the content industry propelled by the most advanced technology is a business chance for not only creators and content-related companies but also a broad range of related industries, such as the electronic information industry, basic materials industry, retail industry and service-providing industry.

Digital Content Expo 2018

DatesNovember 14, Wed. – 16, Fri. 2018 (3 days)
SiteMakuhari Messe (as a part of Inter BEE)
Access to the site
OrganizerDigital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ)

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