DCAN is holding an international cooperation seminar to share service models and innovative technology copyright and content for securing stability of digital content distribution and improving competitiveness.
Therefore DCAN has arranged a time of interaction for cooperation between companies and experts to share information such as digital content, management technology and protection of copyright in Japan and Korea.

1. Topic: Innovation of service model copyright and content
2. Time: Friday 24th October 2014 13:00-17:00 (reception time: 12:30)
  [Friday 24th October 2014 17:30-19:30 Business exchange]
3. Venue: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
4. Program
12:30-13:00 Registration
13:00-13:20 DCAN Introduction
        : Research Institute for Content Strategy, Representative, Sanghoon Oh
13:20-13:50 Overseas distribution, infringement and countermeasure of Japanese video content
        : Content Overseas Distribution Association, Executive Director/Secretary General,
         Yukuo Nagano
13:50-14:10 A simple self-print service on the smart phone
        : MWSTORY Co., Ltd. CEO, Justin Daegull Ryu
14:10-14:30 Introduction of SW Visualization for successful managing on SW development
        : THE Bridgesoft, Inc. CEO Namgyu Kim
14:30-14:50 Changes in paradigm of travel content
        : 3MOVIE Co., Ltd. CEO Mingyu Lee
14:50-15:10 Break Time
15:10-15:40 Content Market Size and Video Distribution Market in Japan
        : Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ), Executive Director, Toshihiko Kato
15:40-16:00 Delivery of the first video
        : Catenoid, Inc. Sales and marketing, Director, Shin Tsuchiya
16:00-16:20 The next generation digital contents’ circulation, settlement and distribute plan
        (Based on Video and Music)
        : Nable Communications, Inc. Technical Laboratory, Director, Juyeob Kim
16:20-16:50 ⑧ CiP Takeshima Project
        : Keio University, Professor, Ichiya NAKAMURA
16:50-17:00 Q&A
17:30-19:30 Reception & Business Exchange
October 24, Friday
1:00PM-4:50PM (Doors Open 12:30PM)
Conference Room 2
  • Sanghoon Oh
    Research Institute for Content Strategy, Representative
  • Yukuo Nagano
    Content Overseas Distribution Association Exective Director/Secretary General
  • Justin Daegull Ryu
    MWSTORY Co., Ltd. CEO
  • Nam Gyu Kim
    The Bridgesoft, Inc. CEO
  • Min Gyu Lee
    3MOVIE. Co., Ltd. CEO
  • Toshihiko Kato
    Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ) Executive Director
  • Shin Tsuchiya
    Catenoid, Inc. Sales and marketing Director
  • Juyeob Kim
    NABLE COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Technical Laboratory, Director
  • Ichiya NAKAMURA
    Keio University Proffessor