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Hold a workshop for 3D Pen, named “3Doodler”, which enables you to create 3D art with the 3D Pen freely as if writing a word or drawing a picture.
3Doodler does not require any 3D data or special software, necessary for commonly used 3D printer. Just inserting a dedicated plastic-filament (PLA and ABS resins) into the 3D Pen and turning on the switch. The resin melted by heat comes out of Pen tip, then, you can create 3D art as you like in the air by moving the 3D Pen tip like drawing a line in the air.
You can try to create eyeglasses with the template at the workshop. You can also take the work home.
The 3Doodler’s tip becomes too hot. Please take care of your child if he/she will participate in the workshop.
October 25, Saturday
2:00PM-2:50PM (Doors Open 1:50PM)
Conference Room 3