The developer himself does the presentation of the adoption technology of "Innovative Technologies2014" on a stage. It is a precious chance which can hear the background of development, a technical point, etc. It is a check, without forgetting the schedule of the adoption technology of a guide, since it divides and holds in three days. There is no overlooking pleasing!

* A schedule is due to be exhibited late in September.

1.Carry Robot, CarriRo
 (ZMP Inc.)
2.AquaFall Display
 (Tokyo Institute of Technology Koike Laboratory)
 (ReyesTatsuru Shiroku, Skeletonics Inc.)
4.Pteromys: Interactive Design and Optimization of Free-formed Free-flight Model Airplanes
 (The University of Tokyo, JST ERATO)
5.V-Sido OS
 (Asratec Corp.)
6.miraino-kokuban project
 (SAKAWA Co., Ltd.)
7.Mid-Air Touch Panel with Tactile Feedback
 (Shinoda Makino Laboratory, Graduate School of Frontier Science, The University of Tokyo)
8.Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Robot with 100 % Winning Rate
 (Univ. of Tokyo, Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory)
October 24, Friday
10:50PM-11:55PM (Doors Open 10:40PM)
1F Center Stage