The developer himself does the presentation of the adoption technology of "Innovative Technologies2014" on a stage. It is a precious chance which can hear the background of development, a technical point, etc. It is a check, without forgetting the schedule of the adoption technology of a guide, since it divides and holds in three days. There is no overlooking pleasing!

* A schedule is due to be exhibited late in September.

1.Buru-Navi3:Creating a Illusory Sensation of Being Pulled
 (NTT Communication Science Laboraotries)
 (dentsu Inc. Communication Design Center)
3.Project Morpheus
 (Sony Computer Entertainmeny)
 (Department of Information Science and Technology Graduate School of Science and Technology)
5.Omni Wheel
 (WHILL Co., Ltd.)
October 26, Sunday
11:00PM-11:50PM (Doors Open 10:50PM)
1F Center Stage