Holding place

  • The hall will be the National museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (MIraikan). Exhibition will held at the !st floor (planning & exhibition zone) and orientation room2. Total information, center stage and DCEXPO Studio also placed at the exhibition area. Symposium and seminnor will be held at the MiraiCAN hall and conference room of 7th. floor.

Holding time

  • Oct.23(Thu.) From 1P.M. to 5P.M. need registration.
  • From Oct.24(Fri.) to 26(Sun.) of 2014. From 10A.M. to 5P.M.
  • You must leave the Miraikan until 5P.M.


  • Please use a train and a bus up to the hall. Please read "attendance guidance" for details.
  • In use of a car, you can use a hall basement car park (charge).
    Please read a " hall transportation guide" for details.
    Since mixture is expected during the weekend, it may become full.

Admission fee

  • The admission fee of FDIGITAL CONTENT EXPO is free.


  • Symposium, a seminar, and the stage can make prior reservation except for a part of programs.
  • If reservation has an opening, an application on the day will also be accepted, but please make the most of prior reservation.
  • When you cancel prior reservation, please be sure to inform. (It has indicated to reservation mail for details)
  • Prior reservation can be performed from this website. An application is impossible by telephone etc.
  • Prior reservation is due to start registration in mid-[ around around ] September.


  • A showpiece, a stage, etc. which are exhibited by DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO can be photoed in principle, when there is no display of "a ban on photography."
  • However, when there is no display and prohibition and restriction of photography are able to be told from an official in charge on the day, please follow.
  • Only those who were permitted specially may be able to photo the press, sponsor public relations, etc.

Social Media

  • In DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO, twitter, facebook, etc. welcome the information dissemination by social media.
  • The facebook page is also established.
  • Please cooperate with pushing and heaping up a "good!" button.


  • If there are a question etc., please ask to the following.

    Digital Content Assosiation of Japan
    Seo & Omori
    E-Mail: info@dcexpo.jp