Press Releases

Media Partner

  • In DIGITAL CINTENT EXPO, the media sponsor who can cooperate in the report of the notice of the contents of holding, an ex post facto report, etc. is looked for.
  • We will publish a banner on a notice page as a media sponsor.
  • Moreover, we will publish a logo on the leaflet etc. which are distributed at holding that day.
  • The registration conditions are as follows. For details, please ask to a secretariat.
  • Please understand beforehand that demand may be unable to be accepted by the judgment by the side of sponsorship.
    -The contents of the report don't be contrary to good public order and customs.
    - Offer information periodically to a general customer in a your company medium.
    - The information about DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO can be offered in a its company medium.


  • You can download the data for public relations of DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO from the following.
  • You can publish freely in various media or a website.
  • Use for the purpose other than public relations of DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO cannot be performed.
  • The sponsor holds copyright.
  • Please give me the use in proper within the limits on a socially accepted idea.

The application of coverage, an inquiry

  • Please tell us the application of coverage of digital contents EXPO to the following.
  • Digital Content Assosiation of Japan
    Seo & Omori