The participant is looked for in DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO. The program which can participate is as follows.

Innovative Technologies

  • Innovative Technologies is a program which elects a participant by general invitation sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  • An adoption person is selected by fair examination from the direction to which you submitted regular application documents.The number of adoption persons is planning about 20 affairs in general.
  • The deadline of an application is till Tue., July 31, 2014 noon.
  • If adopted by Innovative Technologies, please perform exhibition for three days in a term at the DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO hall.Moreover, please perform a short presentation on a center stage on the day of either of the terms.
  • The charge of exhibition and a stage usage fee are unnecessary. (You'll pay the expense concerning conveyance, preparation, a description member, etc.)
  • The Special Prize selection meeting which selects Special Prize from Innovative Technologies adoption persons on the term first day is held. Moreover, a commendation ceremony is held after a first day closing.
  • Your technology is widely appealable if adopted by Innovative Technologies. Please examine an application. For details, please read "guidance of Innovative Technologies collection."

Participating program

  • In DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO, the participating program is prepared as an opportunity for advertizing advanced contents technology, such as a company and a university, to society widely.
  • In the participating program, each program of exhibition, symposium, a seminar, a workshop, a stage event, an image show, and Internet broadcasting is invited.
  • In participation, you pay a regular entry fee. Please read "guidance of a participating program" for details.
  • Guidance of a participating program


Please inform us the inquiry about exhibition participation to the following.

Digital Content Assosiation of Japan
Hunami, Seo & Omori