Tsumugi Prize 2015 will go to Keiichi Hara, animation movie director, whose new title, “Sarusuberi: Miss HOKUSAI,” received Jury Award in the feature film division at Annecy International Animated Film Festival and scheduled to be screened in 12 oversea countries including Canada, France, Germany, Spain and U.K. The work is highly evaluated as disseminating Japanese culture and the power of art and creation to the world.

Takumi Prize 2015 will go to Hiroshi Ishiguro, robotics researcher and professor at Osaka University, who is attracting international attention for his creation of humanoid robots which communicate naturally with people, in his attempt to realize intellectual systems which will support human society in the future.

The two prize winners and Yoichiro Kawaguchi, world-renowned CG artist and professor at the University of Tokyo joining as moderator, a three-way conversation will be done on the subject of how we are enriching our future with animation works and technology disseminated from Asia to the world.

This program is held in Japanese and we regret there is no translation service into other languages.
October 24, Saturday
1:00PM-2:30PM (Doors Open 12:55PM)
Center Stage, 1st Floor
  • Tsumugi Award Winner
    Keiichi Hara,
    Animation Movie Director

    Born in Gunma Prefecture, Japan in 1959. Established his reputation as director who makes animation which even adults can enjoy with his big hits of “Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back” and “Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Battle of the Warring States.” Also, famous for his elaborate depiction as shown in “Summer Days with Coo” and “Colorful.” Directed his first live-action movie in 2013, “Hajimari no michi” (aka “Dawn of a Filmmaker: The Keisuke Kinoshita Story”).
  • Takumi Award Winner
    Hiroshi Ishiguro
    Professor, Department of Systems Innovation
    Graduate School of Engineering Science
    Osaka University

    Born in Shiga Prefecture, Japan in 1963. Received a D. Eng. in systems engineering from the Osaka University in 1991. Currently Distinguished Professor of Department of Systems Innovation in the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University (2009–) and Group Leader (2011–) of Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR).
    His research interests include distributed sensor systems, interactive robotics, and android science. Published more than 300 papers in major journals and conferences, such as Robotics Research and IEEE PAMI. Developed many humanoids and androids, called Robovie, Repliee, Geminoid, Telenoid, and Elfoid which were reported by major media, such as Discovery channel, NHK, and BBC. Also received the best humanoid award four times in RoboCup, annual international robotics competition. Synectics Survey of Contemporary Genius 2007 selected him as one of the top 100 geniuses alive in the world today.
  • Moderator
    Yoichiro Kawaguchi,
    CG Artist and Professor at the University of Tokyo

    1952: Born in Tanegashima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
    1976: Graduated from Kyushu Institute of Design (current Kyushu University)
    1978: Graduated from the Graduate School of Tokyo University of Education (current University of Tsukuba)
    1998: Promoted to Professor at Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering of the University of Tokyo (after prior teaching at University of Tsukuba as Assistant Professor)
    2000 – Current: Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, the University of Tokyo
    He has been active as pioneer and world-wide authority of CG art utilizing his unique “GROWTH Model” and is still evolving as proven by such newest creations of his as 8K whole-sky planetarium image, large monuments, futurization of Japanese traditional art, construction of robotic objects, etc.
    He is also the first chairperson of the competition jury committee of Japan Media Arts Festival and the representative artist of Japan at 1995 Venice Biennale.
    He received “Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art” in 2010 from ACM SIGGRAPH, the Ministry of Education Award in the Art in 2013 from the Japanese Government and also given Medal with Purple Ribbon in the name of the Emperor in 2013.