The adoption technology of the current year of 'Innovative Technologies' which the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry carries out as part of a contents technical innovation promotion enterprise for the purpose of an excavation and evaluation of the contents technology which excelled [ of Japan ] was determined.
Strict examination by the screening committee by the specialist in the contents technology of 54 application
totals from a company, a university research institution, etc. to the industrial world and a scientific
community(the outstanding contents technology of 20 affairs was adopted through.)
Adoption technology is exhibited by the hall of DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO2014.

◆Judging committee (14 persons) (order-of-the-Japanese-syllabary titles omitted)
Masaru Ishikawa Department of IRT Content Study, Project Resercher, The University of Tokyo
Toshiyuki Inoko teamLab Inc. CEO
Mahoro Uchida National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Deputy Director
Shunichi Kajisa Microsoft Development Co.,Ltd. MSD Prejident
Takashi Kawai School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Professor
Yoichiro Kawaguchi Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, Professor
Yoshifumi Kitamura
Susumu Tachi Graduate School of Media Design, Professor
Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
Akihito Tsukioka Digitized Information,Inc.,President
Yukio Nishimura
Osamu hasegawa
Michitaka Hirose Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, Professor
Yukihiro Matsumoto
Daisuke Yanagisawa

Four Special Prizes will be selected, "Industry", "Culture", "Human", and "Ecology", from the adoption technology of 20 affairs on October 23 in a DIGITAL Content EXPO holding period.
Especially Special Prize commends the technology in which the possibility of influencing and application to fields other than contents industry is high.
The Special Prize selection committee which consists of specialists, such as the industrial world, a scientific community, etc. different from the above-mentioned judging committee,
performs selection.

Adoption person list