【Technical details】
Femtosecond lasers, whose pulse duration is ultrashort (one quadrillionth second), are usually used for LASIK eye surgery, precise measurement, and surface treatment. In our study, we utilize the femtosecond laser to render images in midair based on short-life plasma emission. This plasma is safer than that of longer-duration pulse lasers, and enables people to touch it with their bare hands. With this rendering technology, a floating touch screen can be realized as usually shown in sci-fi movies. Femtosecond lasers exist in the commercial market, however, the applications have not been familiar to ordinary people. Our study’s purpose is not only to develop a 3D midair touch display, but also to inform ordinary people a promising application of femtosecond laser and to trigger wider application development of femtosecond laser.


【Exhibition content】
We show a technology that render images in midair with laser. The images respond to finger touch and also provide touch feedback. Generating plasma in midair and enabling people to touch the plasma are achieved by using a femtosecond laser whose pulse duration is ultrashort.