Karaoke of the possibility of a global perspective,it is with a session with Mr.Yamaguchi of START ME UP AWARDS organizer,Mr.Harada of Producer of the popular NHK international broadcasting music program 【J-MELO】 ,Mr.Humihara of NANA MUSIC Co., Ltd. Representative Director,In addition one person.

This program is held in Japanese and we regret there is no translation service into other languages.
October 23, Friday
1:30PM-2:55PM (Doors Open 1:00PM)
7F Conference Room 1
  • Norikazu Yamaguchi
    BUG corporation C.E.O.

    CEO of BUG corporation、director at Federation of Music Producers Japan・Content business evangelist.
    member of editorial board at “White Paper of digital contents in Japan”(supervised by METI). I enlarge the specialized field from the artist management to IT business. In 2011, I started a writing endeavor. In addition, organized the "START ME UP AWARDS" for entertainment startup. I'm very very active toward the next generation of development , such as professional composer development "Yamaguchi seminar" and "New Middle Man Training Course". Producer of different industries.
  • Nobuyuki Harada
    Senior Producer, Japan International Broadcasting INC.
  • Akinori Fumihara
    nana music Inc. C.E.O.
  • Kaz Michijima
    Foundation For Promotion Of Music Industry And Culture(PROMIC) Director General.