The lecture by Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro and talking session by the MITOH program (by IPA) experienced person

IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan)  have invited Dr. Ishiguro, a world class professor in robotic technology and the project manager of the Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (the MITOH program), to speak about his latest research.
In the first half of the session, he will address his latest research and the MITOH program, and in the second half, the MITOH program graduates will join and have a panel discussion about the MITOH program and the latest trends in the IT industry.

This program is held in Japanese and we regret there is no translation service into other languages.
October 24, Saturday
2:30PM-4:00PM (Doors Open 2:10PM)
7F Conference Room 1
  • Hiroshi Ishiguro

    Hiroshi Ishiguro (M’) received a D.Eng. in systems engineering from the Osaka University, Japan in 1991. He is currently Distinguished Professor of Department of Systems Innovation in the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University (2009–) and Group Leader (2011–) of Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR).
    His research interests include distributed sensor systems, interactive robotics, and android science. He has published more than 300 papers in major journals and conferences, such as Robotics Research and IEEE PAMI. On the other hand, he has developed many humanoids and androids, called Robovie, Repliee, Geminoid, Telenoid, and Elfoid. These robots have been reported many times by major media, such as Discovery channel, NHK, and BBC. He has also received the best humanoid award four times in RoboCup. In 2007, Synectics Survey of Contemporary Genius 2007 has selected him as one of the top 100 geniuses alive in the world today.
  • Tetsuya Nakajo
    Live2D Inc. CEO

  • Kentaro Ishii
    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Osaka Institute of Technology
  • Masa Ogata
    Ph. D. student, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University

    Started Ph. D. course and JSPS DC1 research fellow from 2013. With working on research of human interface and HCI area, he invented a method to turn a human skin to touch interface, a technology enables interactive data communication via touchscreen, and a system of movable sticky note. He received Microsoft Research Fellowship Award of 2013 and ACM SIGCHI 2015 Best Paper Honorable Mention Award from top conference of HCI area.
    Department of Mechano-Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

    Naoki Wake graduated from University of Tokyo in 2014. He is now working at the graduate school to investigate the mechanism by which perception takes place in the brain. His research background is robotics and neurorehabilitation.
  • Ryohei Fushimi
    Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies,The University of Tokyo