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Daisuke "Dice" Tsutsumi is the Co-director of The Dam Keeper, which was nominated for the 2015 Academy Award for Short Animated Film. This session will focus on Mr. Tsutsumi's specialty in using light and color to bring scenes to life, and unpack the secrets of the "color script" - one of the most important tools in art direction which Mr. Tsutsumi himself employed in the creation of films such as Toy Story 3, Monsters University, and recently in The Dam Keeper.

Also in this session, he will introduce his unique painting techniques to recreate lighting in Photoshop. In addition to this, Mr. Tsutsumi, who has over 16 years experience in the industry on a world stage, including the foundation of his own studio Tonko House after leaving Pixar Studios, will talk about his reasons for collaborating with current Japanese CG creators, including un-released Tonko House projects.
Look forward to a seminar based on the fundamental elements of art direction theory, techniques, and mindset

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※All seats already occupied. Thank you!※
October 24, Saturday
10:30AM-5:00PM (Doors Open 10:00AM)
7F Conference Room 2
  • Dice Tsutsumi

    Dice Tsutsumi was formerly employed at Blue Sky Studios before a 7-year stint at Pixar, where he was involved as an Art Director for Toy Story 3 and Monsters University.
    In 2013, while still at Pixar, he co-directed the independent film The Dam Keeper with his colleague Robert Kondo, which was nominated for the 2015 Academy Award for Short Animated Film. In 2014 he officially left Pixar to establish Tonko House.
    Now he is putting his world-class story-telling talents to use in collaboration with Japanese CG creators to create films embodying the Tonko House mission of "entertainment & awareness".